Reasons for using the S & H Reading Program!

1. Parents using S&H materials don't have to know phonics or even be particularly good readers or spellers to teach their students to be excellent readers and excellent spellers.

2. It teaches phonics,  beginning reading and spelling and manuscript printing.

3. This is the best reading/spelling program available for both very slow and very quick beginning readers.

4. It allows gentle instruction. Short lessons with frequent repetition. Great for students with special problems.

5. It is sequential. Introduces a task and then doesn't go on until it's mastered.

6. The four-part suggested daily lesson plan requires little or no advanced planning.

7. A simple one-minute test allows student's progress to be charted daily. Over time this can be a great morale booster for students with special problems and for their teachers.

8. Fewer English words are classified as irregular by this program than by any other method.

9. The 837 words of this program are the most important words for beginning readers of any age or ability to read and spell.

10. The student will probably start reading after learning the first 20 letters (or letter combinations) to automaticity.

11. No gadgets, gimmicks or music. Just short one-on-one lessons and lots of praise!

12. Probably every parent teaching this program will become a better reader and a better speller.

13. Does not use confusing terms such as "long" sounds and "short" sounds or pronunciation symbols such as  macrons and breves.

14. Multisensory. Easy, daily drills exercise student's visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities of learning and facilitates speedy recall of memorized material.

15. The expanded and superbly organized phonics of this program does not conflict with most school reading programs.

1987, 1989, 1993 TATRAS