Ordering Price List  (Oct.6, 2011)

(See simplified Ordering Price List at bottom of this page)

OUR MOST FREQUENT ORDER: The Saltmine & Hifwip reading program package or simply the "S&H package."  (See description below). 

 If you wish to order by mail,  indicate in a separate note (or on the check) that you want the "S&H package"  and send  a check/MO for $45.50,  Include postage, see below.  Letters should be addressed  to TATRAS , POB 44093, Tacoma, WA, 98448.   Make checks payable  to: TATRAS.

If you wish to order and pay by  PayPal:  Go to your PayPal account and send remittance to tatras@verticalphonics.com (in "note" block indicate items needed or simply type "S&H Pkge".)


      Washington State residents:  $4.50   

      All other U. S. Residents:   $7.50.  Canadian Residents $10.00.

Washington State Residents. Include your local/ state sales tax.  You must compute your tax on the total amount (the cost of the TATRAS items plus the amount of the postage).  Call TATRAS if you have any questions.

Telephone Help-Line. For over twenty-two years Teach America To Read & Spell (TATRAS®) has provided free telephone help to teachers and parents who were either using our materials or searching for solutions to their childrens' reading/spelling problems. We will continue this service for as long as it is possible.  Frank Rogers

1. Saltmine & Hifwip Reading Program.   $45.50,

This unique program teaches the most often occurring phonograms first so that a student can decode the most often occurring words in our language enough times to make them instantly known. This starts him reading for pleasure and writing at the earliest possible time. The package contains:

The Penny Primer Starter Set. If your child knows the names of most of the letters of the alphabet and is less than six years old, start him sounding out words, printing and spelling with this set. The letters and words in the Penny Primer booklet are from the first lesson in the Saltmine & Hifwip manual. The set comes in a separate box containing a Penny Primer, a "finger clock" letter tracing template, a pencil & pencil gripper, a wide-line primary pad, Penny Primer phonogram flash cards and a " 'gram rack" to hold flash cards for decoding (sounding out) and spelling.

These simple materials will allow you to provide the most important reading lesson your child will ever receive. It will convince most parents that they can teach their children to read and spell at home and that it will be easy and fun. It does particularly well in giving a slower pre-schooler an easy, methodical, enjoyable introduction to reading and spelling.

Other items:   A DVD slide-show and video showing parents how to use the materials in the S&H package.   Also a 1/2" three-ring binder containing the Great Saltmine & Hifwip Direct Phonics Reading Program manual, a wall chart, and an inter-lined exercise book.    

On page 37 of the Manual there is a special "fast track" for older remedial readers. (Because helping remedial/slow/poor comprehending  readers can be a complex situation, for best results TATRAS must be called for  assistance.  No charge.) 

2. My First Bible in Pictures by Kenneth Taylor with TATRAS Word Guides ($12.00 + Postage).  Word Guides allow students who have learned first 20 TATRAS phonograms to read My First Bible with minimum effort. Sentence by sentence, story by story, the guides point out irregular words and jump-ahead phonograms. Jump-ahead phonograms are phonograms encountered in MFB but not yet studied in the S&H manual.  Such phonograms are taught as they are encountered in MFB.  Guides cover  the first 45 stories in the book by which time the child will read the remaining stories without need for a guide.  Realistic artwork, large print, educational topics and short text (50-word stories) make MFB an excellent first-reader choice for many, but not all, beginning readers. 

My First Bible in Pictures (MFB):  $9.00.  TATRAS MFB Word Guides: $3.00 (Postage $2.00).  Both postpaid. $14.00  MFB, alone, Postage: $2.00.


3. TATRAS Phonogram Wall Chart. $5.00, postage, $1.00. (Three or more are $4.00 each, postpaid.)  This 19" x 27" chart lists the phonograms but does not have the sound symbols. Two wall charts are included in #1, above.

4. Interlined Exercise Books. $2.25, postpaid. (At curriculum fairs or at seminars, $1.25.) When completed these books will be a treasured reminder of your work with your child. 

TAYLOR TIMER.   The Taylor Timer model, shown here, when purchased at the same time as the S&H Package is available for $7.50 and there is no additional postage for the S&H package. Comes with AAA battery.

6.  Pencil Grippers.  TATRAS will continue to include the classic TATRAS pencil gripper as demonstrated in the DVD.  One classic gripper (Postpaid) $1.50.  Three classic grippers (Postpaid) $4.25. 

Simplified Order Form


S&H Package

WA Resident Postage for S&H Package 4.50
Add Sales Tax on all items plus postage if you are a Washington State Resident ?
US Resident (all other states) Postage for S&H Package 7.50
Canadian Residents Post for S&H Package 10.00
My First Bible in Pictures (MFB), Taylor 9.00
     MFB Word Guides, post paid 3.00
Postage for MFB 2.00
MFB and MFB Word Guides, including postage 14.00
TATRAS Wall Chart 5.00
Postage 1.00
Exercise Book, interlined, postpaid 2.25
Taylor Timer  ordered with S&H, postpaid   Ordered alone, add $4.00 postage 7.50
Pencil Gripper, postpaid 1.50
Pencil Grippers (three each), postpaid 4.25
Red Pencils 1.50

7.  Red Pencils.  Red Correction Pencil (Postpaid) $1.50.  One red pencil is contained in each S&H Package.


For program help or additional Information call TATRAS (Frank Rogers) at (253) 531-0312.     

Mail: TATRAS, Post Office Box 44093,  Tacoma, WA 98448-4093

Email & PayPal address: tatras@verticalphonics.com.