The Amazing Penny Primer Starter Set (DVD not shown)

(This starter set is included in each Saltmine & Hifwip reading package)

The TATRAS DVD and the  tract-like 12-page TATRAS Penny Primer will show you how to gently give your beginning reader his first reading lesson. This will be the most important reading lesson of his life. (For teachers, this will be an introduction to the amazing world of "vertical" phonics.)

Parent/instructors do not have to know phonics or even be good readers or good spellers themselves. Yet they can learn as they go and teach their children to be excellent readers and excellent spellers!

Some children will be slow, some fast, but each must follow the path described in the TATRAS DVD. It is the nature, primarily, of our language and not the qualities of the student, that dictates this approach.

The gentle Saltmine & Hifwip approach is beneficial to beginners with a wide-range of aptitudes, learning modalities and reading disorders. Most will reach their maximum potential at the earliest possible time allowed by their natural endowments, their desire to please their teacher, the amount of exposure to language in their daily environment for the first years of their life and the patience, consistency and love shown by their instructor.

Parents will learn how simple it is to use techniques such as vertical phonics, multi-sensory drills, mastery learning, praise, no-failure teaching, phonogram speed drills, the concept of phonics facts/phonics habit. They will also learn to appreciate  the value of teaching, for faster reading and writing, the 500 Most Often Occurring words in our language.

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