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The Great Saltmine and Hifwip* reading program is a unique reading and spelling program that makes it very easy for parents, using low cost materials received through the mail, to successfully teach children to read and to love to read.  Step by step instructions for doing this are on the DVD accompanying the program.  Parents do not have to be good readers or spellers themselves to successfully use this program.  At the start, parents  are not even expected to know any phonics. The program is highly effective through a wide range of student ages, aptitudes and "learning modalities."

The Penny Primer Starter Set, which comes with the program, uses eight phonograms and 43 words to teach the first lesson in the manual.  The Starter Set  is used by parents to prove the ease and effectiveness of the TATRAS** program. The Starter Set might take six weeks to six months to teach to a pre-schooler.  It will probably provide the most important reading lesson a beginning reader will ever receive.   

Children should not be taught phonics until they can name most of the letters of the alphabet. The Starter Set includes an Alphabet Report Card which provides tips on teaching the alphabet and provides a chart on which to record a child’s progress.

Frank Rogers


 "Saltmine" represents the first eight letters TATRAS teaches (s, a, l, t, m, i, n, e).  "Hifwip" is an acronym for "High Frequency Words in Print."

**TATRAS, Teach America  to Read & Spell®, is the name of the company publishing The Great Saltmine & Hifwip Direct Phonics Reading Program.

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