Contents of the $45.50 Saltmine & Hifwip package:

(October 6, 2011)

1. Twelve-page Penny Primer. A beginning reader's most important lesson. It is included as part of the Penny Primer Starter Set and is used to teach to beginning readers the sounds represented by the first eight letters and to show them how to decode the first 43 words of the S&H manual.

2.  A TATRAS DVD audio/visual presentation showing parents how to use the materials in the S&H package to teach a beginning reader.  

3. 48-page Saltmine & Hifwip Manual.

4. Flash cards, for phonograms in Penny Primer, and 'Gram rack (in which to place the flash cards for a child's first lessons in decoding and spelling.)  (16 phonograms are cut from a printed sheet of card stock.)

5. Two TATRAS Phonogram Wall Charts (17" x 29").  Second wall chart may be used to cut out phonograms for flashcards (paste to 3x5 note cards.)

6.  A three-ring binder to hold some of the S&H materials.

7. Finger Clock Card (Letter template on which child learns to trace letters). (Gray, 5" x 7")

8. Word Card Sheet. (Provides word flash cards (uses only words used in the Penny Primer.)

9. Wide Lined Primary Pad. (For beginning dictation.)

10. An Interlined Exercise Book. (For advanced dictation.)

11. Slot Card. (Used with some students to isolate words.)

12. Reading Record Sheets. (Yellow, 1 for each student)

13. Pencils. (One #2 black, one red) and a classic TATRAS pencil gripper.

Pencil Gripper Caution.  The classical TATRAS pencil gripper, demonstrated on the DVD,  is not a toy and could possibly be swallowed by a toddler. Take care to keep the smaller grippers away from infants and toddlers. Always keep the gripper on the #2 pencil.